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Applicant Interaction

The initial interaction with the applicant is based on the resume submitted. His skills and area of interest is understood after which a basic screening test is given in order to evaluate the candidate where ever best suited.

The questions also provide guidance about the type of skills and potential contributions the interviewers should be assessing in each candidate they interview. Technical assessment is also given to assess the candidate in his skills technically.

Applicant Development

Once the basic profile of the applicant is understood, his are of interest, industry, category and this future plans, the applicant is given a basic exposure in terms of his career growth and prospects.

Based on the feedback his resume is developed and forwarded to the appropriate clientele.

Training & Presentation

Our training facility provides the highest quality skills development with continuous training and education within the training facility sphere.

Our focus is on courses structured so effectively and efficiently to train and enhance individual skills to provide to the skills shortage experienced applicants. We pride ourselves on the spacious, quality environment provided to applicant to enhance their learning experience.

A basic detail on the interview process and the questions asked is discussed with the applicant. This does not only give an exposure but also the confidence to answer the question more appropriately.

In case if rejected the feedback from client is discussed to avoid any further disappointments which helps the applicant for any future endeavors.

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